Don’t you tell me that you had nothing to do with this

We’re all part of the problem

We’re all sharing in this pain.

Trying to live as though we don’t see evil

Even though it’s running rampant

Through our veins

Doesn’t make it disappear- that’s not how this ends

To say you don’t see the problems

Doesn’t mean they don’t exist


We are all a part of this

We’re all digging our own graves

With one foot in our own fate,

We’re somehow just so

Desperate to save face

And shift the blame

So we don’t have to bear the weight


There’s no living apart from this

We’re all broken to the core

Disconnected and ashamed

We throw our friends out

Like they’re nothing

And never meant a fucking thing


To exist is to be self-serving

To win, to raise our fists

We all just want what’s best for us

We want it all

There’s no escaping the fate we’ve drawn ourselves

We were born to lose


We all live evil


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